We appreciate natural stone for its durability and good looks.


Stone delights us in the remains of many cultures, from the ruins of old houses and cities, where resists the ravages of time. Because of its durability and endurance, but also beauty and elegance stone facing has always been used in public buildings, but now are common and in private homes. Decision for the installation of natural stone is often aided by the fact that the stone is a natural material, which is not only characterized by their durability, but also a beautiful appearance. The stone is a noble and durable material in space brings the grandeur and elegance ..


All kinds of stone works:

  • Sales and installation of stone
  • Transport, selection and procurement of building materials
  • Construction of houses, taverns and restaurants, churches, completely Mediterranean style
  • Conceptual and technical solutions during construction
  • Adaptation of buildings of stone
  • The decoration and enrichment of modern facilities from natural materials: stone, brick, wood
  • The facades and parts of the facade of stone
  • Installation of fireplaces, masonry chimneys, maximum utilization of energy
  • Paving the yard, building barbecues, fountains, sidewalks, green spaces
  • Construction of the pillars of the gate
  • gates
  • The roofs of all kinds
  • Volt, arches, stairs
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